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MAY 2019

Bitajarod Article

In the Upper East Side of New York City, Rima Francis, a Lebanese expat and founder of PROpositives LLC, New York, USA hails a cab

She is on her way to meet her client, a business entrepreneur who finds her look and personal presence weighing on her confidence

Rima Francis’ PROpositives LLC, is an image experience and branding firm that powers the full spectrum of a clients’ overall image.  Francis’ brainchild is the first firm world-wide to combine image styling services with professional presence, body-language, etiquette, cultural intelligence and coaching solutions

For pioneering the integration of intelligent-based image solutions with styling, Francis has revolutionized the industry.  She has stood out among many of New York’s fast-paced professionals, artists and diplomats who have sought her unique services.

Multi-faceted, Francis is also the PR/ Publicist in the Middle East for operatic and crossover tenor Amine Hachem.  He recently won the award for Best Music Video 2019 at the New York International Film Festival, Winter Film Awards, for his single “Abballati Abballati”

Like many Lebanese, Francis turned her sights abroad and lived in Europe and Canada until making her home in NYC.  She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Protocol School of Washington and certified from Parsons School of Design and Cornell University. She is also a certified coach

A Broadway artist says: “Rima is an artist, that understands the artist’s sensibility”.  Another client, this time a lawyer, who sought help with her wardrobe and overall presence, describes her as “creative, passionate, and trustworthy”

“My passion at PROpositives LLC is to empower my clients’ self-image through authentic, researched, image-based solutions,” she says.  “I work closely with my clients to enhance one or more of their qualities, like their physical look, body language, breath, or voice techniques.  Other times, I help clients break through the cultural complexities of doing business abroad, with proven etiquette and cross-cultural behavior solutions.”  Making a difference and bringing positivity to people’s lives is what matters according to Francis

Francis is another success story of how a Lebanese entrepreneur is making it outside of Lebanon.  Her clients span New York and Beirut, where she regularly shuttles to and from. “Like all Lebanese I think, Lebanon is never out of my mind. I love Lebanon!”  Francis’s clients extend to businesses and individuals, in the fields of finance, health, education and the arts.  Her clients include Rawan Tahtouh, the Actor, whom she imaged for the 2019 Murex D’Or

After a couple of hours, Francis heads to NYC’s Financial District.  She is there to meet with a new client, a business executive who is new to the US and to New York’s lifestyle

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