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"I don't know what it is exactly, but you look great!" is a comment I've been getting a lot lately. I came to Rima because I wanted a change and I love my new look! She helped me change my clothes, my hair, my glasses - all very gently and with a lot of humor - but most of all she taught me that shopping can be a fun activity. Now that I know what colors I look best in and how to dress for my body type, I find myself popping in and out of stores, trying different things on and enjoying myself. I have had such a great time with Rima! I highly recommend her and am looking forward to many more shopping trips to come!

Anna F.
Legal Recruiter

When I started with Rima I have realized I have too many clothes and very little outfits. I used to buy a lot of clothes but I had nothing to wear. 
She is Very professional, patient, fun, artist, creative.
Passionately driven, genuine and very talented woman that would give you all of her to give you the best outcome possible.  
As very busy working woman and a Mom , I don’t like to take much time to execute changes for myself.  Also Rima helped me to get outside my comfort zone in clothing, that was even more comforting once we try it and I never expected I would enjoy it so much.
She quickly was able to assess and to understood my lifestyle, my colors, my body shape, and  my character. 
She moved with me as fast as my lifestyle, and she helped me to understand my style according to my personality and body and this made me feel actually happier by revealing the best in me.
This is priceless and I look forward to do more changes and improvements with every follow up every year

Magdalena Roumy
Owner and Head Dietitian of Diet Delights Nutrition Center

C’est avec une grande joie que je viens vous faire part de mon expérience avec Rima. Ce fut un des points tournant de ma vie. 

Un bon sens de la communication et de l’écoute caractérise Rima. Sa mission principale est de valoriser l’image. Elle a pris en considération ma personnalité et mes caractéristiques spécifiques et a compris mes attentes et mes besoins. Elle m’a aussi présenté différentes solutions pour mettre en valeur la beauté naturelle. C’est grâce à elle que j’ai gagné en confiance. Son honnêteté, sa positivité, sa motivation et sa volonté font d’elle une des personnes les plus crédible qui ne juge jamais.

C’est pourquoi je vous conseille vivement de travailler avec elle.

Sarah A.
Specialiste en remédiation et encadrement pédagogique

“What am i going to wear?” was a question I always asked myself every time I planned to go out. Meeting Rima and working with her answered this question for good. She added the extra shine that builds confidence in me. Our first session covered my color test, body shape analysis and color psychology. She explained everything in detail.

We talked about the parts in my look that I felt were weaker and how to turn them into a positive. To complete my new look, she then showed me how to take the stronger qualities and highlight them ever more! The first session was followed by a wardrobe remodel. No, she did not throw all my clothes. She kept whatever she saw was good on me and explained why we should let go of the others.  She advised me on how my hair and beard should be styled to suit my face and body shape. After that we went shopping, and by "we" I mean she was guiding me on what things to avoid, really on how to shop smart relative to my lifestyle, budget and personal qualities.

I am amazed at the overall results and have never been happier! Even after these sessions ended, Rima was readily available for advice for 3 months as part of the service promised she offered to me. Thank you Rima for you bought positivity into my life!

Professional Musician

Rima, is a one of a kind person, very enthusiastic and passionate about her work. It is one of the main reasons that attracted me to work with her and give her my full trust in showing the best of me.

She is honest and fun to be around, keeping at the same time a very high level of professionalism. She makes sure she enhances the outer-self to reflect in a way or another the inner self. I highly recommend working with her for she will make your journey a fun and enjoyable one.  


Marketing & Operations Manager

Working with Rima was an eye-opening experience. Her subtle and funny way in conveying the messages made the whole process very enjoyable and exciting while maintaining high professional standards.

Rima is honest without being judgmental. Not only she embellishes the outer shell but also stimulates the inner self, thus you end up looking and feeling way more rejuvenated and energized. Expect tons of compliments once her job done. Highly recommended 


Aline G.
Administrative Manager