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Color Analysis

Color Analysis

What’s in Your Palette?  

Color Analysis is the fun process of finding your personalized color palette so that you can impart the message you want. 

Although a form of non-verbal communication, colors speak loudly! Like us, colors have distinct personalities of their own - blue is known as calm, red is referred to as passionate, and yellow is inviting; and like us, are complex and come in various shades - bright, muted, light, dark, warm, or cool.  

Learn to wear the right color(s) and convey your unspoken message. 

How I work? 

  • Basic Color Theory 
  • Psychology of Color 
  • Role of Color in the Business World
  • Colors: Male and Female


 How will you benefit? 

  • Choose colors that are in-synch with your true self and image.
  • Sway people's thinking through effective messaging
  • Save Money on your shopping experience
  • Mix and Match with Know-How


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