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T & S Presence

T & S Presence

One of the most unique trainings worldwide to refine your public speaking skills and build your confidence and presence, socially or on stage.

You will practice analyzing yourself, your performance and presence, with repetition and refinement based on lots of practical exercices, acting and Rudolph Labban techinques and more.
You will :
  • Learn how to share emotion on stage, socially, TV or online
  • Learn to connect with and affect your audience
  • Learn how to deal with anxiety in social, stage or online settings
  • Raise your cognitive ability with out-of-the-box thinking to push your personal limits.

This training is for:

  • Leaders and Executives
  • Politcians, Diplomats
  • Stage Performers (Theatre, Music, etc.)
  • TV Presenters
  • Managers
Check out our presence training for young adults from age 15 and up, specializing in raising their confidence with friends and school and ahead of university.


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