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Expats & Internationals

Expats & Internationals

Moving from Dubai to join New York’s fast-paced lifestyle? Just hired a Professional from Paris or Beijing to make your business more competitive?   

Shifting into a new relationship, job or a launch of a new business in the US, is both exciting and a challenge!

Whether you’re a diplomat, a self-employed entrepreneur, or a spouse, knowing how the local culture differs from your own is key to your dress, communication style and social/professional cues. Clichés, personal views, and casual advice you get from compatriots, the HR department or an Embassy/Consulate, may not cut it.

I help Expats adapt their dress, behavior, and job-related know-how to the pace and customs of local business and social life.  For businesses that hire expatriates to compete internationally, I equip your new hires with soft skills so that they may embody your business and brand, and avoid reputational or financial risks to you, caused by awkward steps or missed cues.  


Achieve the results you are hoping for through customized solutions in:

  • Image and Wardrobe
  • Business etiquette; and/or
  • Intra-Cultural Competence and Intelligence


You will benefit by:

  • Individual / Organizational Performance
  • Higher Level of Individual / Organizational Cultural Intelligence
  • Mitigating Culture Shock
  • Mitigating Risk to the Organization
  • Dressing for success: Selling yourself to new friends, colleagues or clients. 


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